We have a wide range of products for every level of beekeeper.  We offer full starter kits for the beginning beekeeper, or if you prefer we offer a wide variety of woodware so you can build your own hive bodies.  We have all supplies for the hive, assembled wooden frames, unassembled frames and plastic frames.  We offer all of the tools you will need to work with your bees. We offer a wide variety of tools for every preference. 

Bees sting, so you must protect yourself.  We have a wide variety of protective clothing for when you are working with your bees and making sure they are healthy. 

Everyone has to eat, including bees.  Most of the time bees are able to forage for their own food. But during the winter time and early spring, they need a little help.  We offer a variety of feeding and nutritional products for your bees.  One of the most inportant things in keeping your bees healthy is to check for treat Varroa Mites.  We offer testing and treatment supplies for that as well.

Once youhave built up your hives and have honey to extract, we offer a wide variety of supplies for honey extraction and bottling.  We offer two different kinds of extractors, one with strainer and bottling tank, and one without those features. 

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