New Bedford TMK

33874 SR 643
Fresno OH 43824
Store Hours
Mon - Fri 7a-4:30p
Sat 7a-12p
Ask for Joe

S & S Bee Supply

9096 Bell Road
Adamsville OH 43802
Store Hours
Mon-Fri 7a-4p
Ask for Herman
Learn Share and Grow 2nd Tuesday 7-8pm


9679 Trail Bottom Road
Dundee, OH 44624
Store Hours
Nov 1- Mar 1
Hours by Appointment Only
Lean Share and Grow 3rd Tuesday 7-8pm

Harrison County

Boslers Bee Stuff Headquarters

225 East Main Street
Deersville, OH 
Store Hours
Tuesday and Thursday 12-6pm
Saturdays 8a-12p
Learn Share and Grow 1st Saturday 10am