Education is Key

Share Learn and Grow

When the business began in 2009 the Boslers were not sure where the journey would lead them. However, by 2012 when the Bosler's were set up and speaking at Family Farm Field Day(held the third weekend in July), the mission was clear. " We wanted to focus on education of the public and offering ways for those interested in being more educated about all things related to keeping of Honey Bees."  The Bosler's belief is that "Better beekeepers mean healthier bees who polinate more and make better honey.  

Deersville, OH


225 East Main Street

First Saturday of the Month at 10am

9096 Bell Road

Second Tuesday of the Month 7-8pm


9096 Bell Road
Third Tuesday of the Month 7-8pm

These events are held monthly April through October to discuss Beekeeping methods, procedures and current events.  These events are a way to share ideas and experiment results.  These events are free.  By individually sharing our knowledge with others we can all learn and grow in our beekeeping Adventure!

Come Join our queen rearing class

Saturday June 13th 9am - Mid Afternoon, Supplies and lunch will be provided