Customer-focused, service-driven attitude heart of business for Boslers

When it comes to making sure their customers are taken care of, Jason and Angie Bosler of Bosler's Bees whose headquarters in the countryside outside of Dundee, know what they would want from a vendor and therefore offer it to their customers.
"It is really about our locals from start to finish," Jason Bosler shared. "Our honey is local. The bees are in Dundee to Sugarcreek to Baltic and in places like Dover and now soon we will have some in Harrison County. It is really going to make the honey that much better to have another local component."
The Boslers explained that their business model and focus of getting local and selling local remain the same however the headquarters will be moving to Harrison County in June. "We have 17 locations selling our honey and three locations selling equipment," Bosler said. "That part of the business isn't changing. We are simply changing the management here at the Dundee location and moving our residence to Harrison County. Nothing else is changing. How we have done business is how we will continue to do business. It's just that simple."
Bosler went on to note that the fridge stocked with honey at the Dundee location will still be in operation as well. "Its important to us to serve our customers in the ways they have come to know," he said. "Our goal is to be a positive part of your beekeeping adventure. It is our mission to bring our customers the best equipment, supplies, bees, queens, honey and service that is available any where!"
Adrian Troyer and wife Sarah will move into the Dundee location during the first two weeks of June, during which the location will be closed.
"We handpicked them," Jason Bosler said. "They are going to continue our mission and make sure our customers come first and that things are done the right way. Customer service is what got us to where we are and is of the utmost importance."
When the business began in 2009 the Boslers were not sure where they journey would lead them. However, by 2012 when Boslers were set up and speaking at Family Farm Field Day, the mission was clear. "We wanted to focus on education of the public and offering ways for those interested to be more educated," Bosler said with a smile. "Better beekeepers mean healthier bees who pollinate more and make better honey. It's a win-win."
By the end of 2017, Share Learn and Grow opportunities were born. These free monthly sessions are offered on the Second Tuesday of the month from 7 - 8 p.m. in Adamsville and on the Third Tuesday of the month in Dundee from 7 - 8 p.m. "This is really just an open discussion about anything related to bees," Bosler said. "We have a short program and then really open the floor up for general talk. We believe that if we are open and share together we can all grow together."
Right now the business of bottling honey is based on over 130 colonies that are located along State Route 93 from Dundee to Baltic and throughout Dover as well. "There are some in Harrison County, and we intend on growing that number to really bring a broad mix to our honey," Bosler said.
Local, local, local is the motto for the family. "Really, most everything we have is local in some way," Angie Bosler said.
"It really is," Jason added. "Our wooden ware is made locally. We use local vendors for everything from our essential oils to the sugar we use. We believe in supporting local stores and buying from them when we can, and they, in turn, support us. That's the great thing about being a local small business."
Bosler noted the importance of bees in general not must to the business but to the population in general. "Without honey bees, one in three bites we take wouldn't happen," he said. "One third of what we eat is directly related to a bee and pollination. Meat, milk, ice cream, butter...none of that would be here without honeybees. They are essential to pollinating the clover and the alfalfa that feeds the animals."
The business has three locations in terms of retail for supplies. Dundee is located at 9679 Trail Bottom Road while Adamsville at S&S Mini Barns located at 9096 Bell Road, Adamsville and New Bedford inside TMK at 33874 State Route 643, Fresno.. In March 2020, the family plans to offer a location in Harrison County near Deersville. "We really want our customers to understand just how important they are and have been to our business," Bosler said. "They are the reason we have been able to expand and are the reason we keep at it."
The first day of operations at Dundee for the Troyers is set for June 17.
To reach Bosler Bee Headquarters, call 330-401-5889 or send a letter to Boslers, PO Box 6, Deersville, Ohio 44693.