The Bosler Bee story starts in 2007 when Jason Bosler started reading books on the topic at the Dover Public Library. This led to purchasing books about beekeeping and research that lasted nearly a year. During that time Bosler branched out and met with the Tri-County Beekeepers. “The more info the better,” Jason Bosler shared. “I wanted to know all that I could.”

Reading led to six classes and soon two hives, bees, safety equipment were in his possession. In April 2009, the bees came home and a month later they added a third hive. Things got buzzin’ in 2010 when Bosler purchased seven more hives. And upon a dear friend and mentor’s retirement, the family acquired four more hives. By the end of 2010, the Boslers had amassed a total of 33 hives. During the winter months, they split most of those hives, giving them a whopping 60. Those hives found homes in Baltic, Dundee, Wilmot and Dover to pollinate far and wide in Holmes, Tuscarawas and Stark counties.

“We really found that we enjoyed the people we were meeting along the way,” Bosler explained of meetings with the Ohio State Beekeepers, Buckeye Queen Producers asnd others. “We really enjoyed getting to know folks at the Tuscarawas Valley Farm Market as well as Family Farm Field Day where we could interact with customers and teach them the reality of bees and the benefits they bring to the garden and the table.”

One thing that really sparked Bosler’s interest was that of queen rearing or creating queen bees. “A queen controls the hive,” Bosler said. “By creating new queens, you can alter a hive in terms of their gentleness, ability to survive the winter and withstand disease, not to mention honey production.”

Fast forward to 2015 and Boslers began a relationship with Country Bee Supply that allowed the business to have two locations. That relationship ultimately allowed Boslers to purchase the inventory of the business and become what is known as Bosler’s Bee Stuff. 

The business was long known for quality beekeeping supplies that were sourced locally from Amish shops and those connections and commitment remain intact. “The hives, for instance, are constructed right here in Holmes County,” Bosler said. “They are made by real people. The quality is impeccable.”

Boslers Bee Stuff carries a full line of beekeeping equipment. They feature hives and hive parts, tools of the trade, protective wear, queen rearing components, novelty items such as signage and labels, harvesting and marketing items including a full line of jars and bottles as well as supplements and speciality feeds for bees. In addition, Boslers Bee Stuff offers live bees for sale as well as NUCS and a broad range of educational materials from books to posters. While most items can be shipped, it should be noted that NUCS are only available for pick up in Dundee, Ohio.

“If you need pollen patties, we’ve got them,” Bosler said. “We have things in stock to get someone started in beekeeping or to get hives through the winter.”

Boslers Bee Stuff also has raw honey sales. “We have wax, honey combs, honey, candy and honey sticks,” shared Jason’s wife, Angie Bosler. “This is honey from bees right here, so it tastes different from something you purchase at the store.” The couple noted that the taste is one that has layers of flavor that includes clover.

Honey sales. Seminars. Pollination services. Education. Honey bee removal. Whatever your need is, if it’s bee-related, Boslers Bee Stuff has you covered.

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The Bosler Bee Story